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1APR 2015


  • Australia

Otsuka Debuts in Australia, a Natural Destination for a Globalized Company

Photo of Sydney Harbour Bridge and the city skyline, including the iconic Sydney Opera House Bridge/Beaches

Otsuka Australia Pharmaceutical (OAP) opened its first Australian office in Sydney in April, 2015.

Kangaroos & koalas, the Great Barrier Reef and shiraz wine are some of the more familiar images of Australia to people elsewhere in the world, but there is much more in this continental country of more than 23 million people. Australia is home to world class science, and a collaborative research environment that has made life sciences one of the biggest and most rapidly evolving industry. Like other developed countries, Australia's population is gradually aging and experiencing a rise in chronic illnesses, including mental disorders. These were some of the factors that led Otsuka to put down stakes in Australia for the long term. Otsuka is seeking to apply constructive approaches to these challenges, to meet the unsatisfied health needs in Australia and neighboring countries.

How Otsuka's direct presence in Australia will make a difference

Rather than being bound by industry customs and trying to compete head-to-head with everyone else, Otsuka has consistently drawn on original thinking.

OAP members and executives of Otsuka in Japan

OAP has started its operation with a focus on central nervous system disorders - an area which includes conditions such as schizophrenia, where patients in Australia await better treatments. Nick Malik, Sales and Marketing Manager, CNS portfolio noted, "Schizophrenia and other mental illnesses continue to be a burden on too many Australian families. Otsuka is a leading firm in the challenging area of mental health, and our experienced and dedicated team at OAP, together with our alliance partner Lundbeck, are eager to help improve the lives of people with mental illness in Australia."

The head office is in Chatswood, an area in proximity to the beautiful beaches of Sydney's north coast, and the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. In keeping with Otsuka's heritage, employees have been learning Japanese and embracing the subtle cultural and business differences. It goes without saying the team enjoys Japanese cuisine at every opportunity.

OAP's dedicated sales & science specialists at an off-site meeting

"We are proud to become part of the healthcare community here in Australia and beyond in Oceania." says Masamitsu Kitada, Managing Director of OAP. "Otsuka's presence aligns the company's extensive global experiences with the rich and diverse local cultures and customs in Australia. With dream and passion, our mission is to deliver better treatments and outcomes to patients in the region through Otsuka's original and innovative products."

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