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Otsuka People Talk

Februrary 2015

Product Management Manager, Pharmaceutical Business Division

You don't really get to experience joy like this often.

From a new employee who didn't know much about Otsuka to becoming a leader in product management. Comments from a person who helped establish Otsuka Canada Pharmaceutical Inc.

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Growing with Otsuka

I joined the company in 1996, and was initially assigned to the Tokyo branch where I worked as a medical representative (MR) for five years. After that I was given a new opportunity to work in Hokkaido, working as an MR for two years, and then finally I got the overseas posting for which I had been waiting a long time. I was based in Princeton, New Jersey, for three and a half years.

I then came back to Japan and was a deputy leader for antipsychotic drug application development, as well as being an on-site leader in Nagoya.

Following that I worked on a global drug for leukemia, and was then posted overseas again, starting a new company in Canada. After three years I returned to Japan once more.

1st - 5th year (1996 ~ 2001) MR, Tokyo, Japan
5th - 7th year (2001 ~ 2003) MR, Hokkaido, Japan
7th - 10th year (2003 ~ 2006) Global Marketing, U.S.
10th - 11th year (2006 ~ 2007) Sub-Leader, Therapeutic Application Dev. Dept., Tokyo, Japan
11th - 12th year (2007 ~ 2008) MR Team Leader, Nagoya, Japan
12th - 13th year (2008 ~ 2009) Oncology, Global Pharmaceutical Business, Tokyo, Japan
13th - 15th year (2010 ~ 2012) General Manager, Canada
15th to 18th year (2012 ~ present) Product Management Manager, Tokyo, Japan

Exciting times

The work I'm in charge of at the moment concerns an intractable rare disease, affecting the kidneys that until now has had no treatment, but we have introduced a new medicine for this and I'm working on that now.

This medicine was first approved in Japan. It's wonderful to be potentially delivering something completely new to the rest of the world.

Don't fear failure

I believe that you learn more from your failures than your successes, so in that sense you should keep trying things, and don't worry about failing. This doesn't just apply to companies, but life in general.

I was told to think about what I want to be 10 years ahead, what I want to do for the company, and then go back and think about what I need to do now in order to get there. I'm not preoccupied with trying to get to the top, but I believe it's important to think about what you need to do now with the future in mind, and that's something I do when considering my career.

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