Social Activities

As a good corporate citizen, Otsuka Pharmaceutical pursues social initiatives in ways that only it can, working for the environment and communities we operate in.

Basic Policy on Social Contribution Activities

In keeping with its corporate philosophy, “Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide,” Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s business activities are aimed at fulfilling its mission of contributing to human health. In addition, the company recognizes its role as a company involved in the life sciences, and uses the knowledge and experience it has gained, as well as its human resources and other management resources, to engage in communication with people around the world. As a good corporate citizen, Otsuka Pharmaceutical is earnestly engaged in activities that contribute to society.

Guidelines for Social Contribution Activities

The Otsuka Group pursues social contribution activities that contribute to human well-being in the three key areas of health, the environment, and local communities.