Frequently Asked Questions About Gerlinéa

Why is it called Gerlinéa?

The name is a combination of “Ger” from Gerblé, and the Italian word linea (line), which refers to both “product line extension” and the “line of the body.

What are the concept and benefits of the Gerlinéa line?

Gerlinéa is a calorie control brand originating in France. The products are rich in protein with a balance of vitamins and minerals, as well as great taste. It is perfect for those that want to enjoy food while counting their calories.

What is a “Meal Replacement Food”? Is it a special classification?

By replacing one meal a day with a serving of Gerlinéa, you can control your calorie intake without giving up the enjoyment of eating what you want. There is no special certification for meal replacement products in Japan, but in the EU, the term “Meal Replacement Food” for the purpose of weight control may only be displayed on products that meet certain content standards for balanced nutrition.

All products mentioned are sold in Japan.