Get Enough! The Surprising Facts About Dietary Fiber

Get Enough! The Surprising Facts about Dietary Fiber Editorial supervisor: Kiyoshi Ebihara, Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, Ehime University Dietary fiber is said to be good for preventing constipation. But that is not all it is good for. How much do you know about dietary fiber? Are you getting enough of it?

Are you getting enough dietary fiber?

Take a guided tour, led by Dr. Fiber and his assistant Ms. Roughage, to learn about dietary fiber and how to get it.

Foods of plant origin such as vegetables, fruits, grains, seaweeds, mushrooms, and legumes contain a lot of dietary fiber, but it is surprisingly difficult to get the necessary amount from an ordinary diet. Learn more about dietary fiber and aim to live a healthy life every day by getting enough of it in the way that's easiest for you.

What Is Dietary Fiber Anyway?

What Is Dietary Fiber Anyway?

It used to be treated like food waste!? Let's run through the history of dietary fiber, and find out just what kind of substance it is and how much you should get in a day.

Get Enough Dietary Fiber

It is surprisingly difficult to get enough dietary fiber from our everyday meals. Check to see if you are actually getting as much dietary fiber as you should.

The Body and Dietary Fiber

Typical intestinal bacteria include beneficial, harmful, and opportunistic bacteria. Here is an introduction to the effects these have on the intestines and their relationship with dietary fiber.

Is Your Diet Appropriate?


Pharmacies and drugstores carry a large assortment of supplements, but the nutrients that people are deficient in differ by the person. Do you know which nutrients you are not getting enough of?
Let's find out right now from your diet! We have also posted some easy, seasonal recipes that are rich in dietary fiber, which is difficult to get from an ordinary diet!

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