Locomotive Syndrome


Will it apply to you
on you, even if you have
no symptoms now?
About Locomotive
Do a detailed
of your body's condition
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How to prevent
Locomotive Syndrome
by eating right
How to Develop
Good Eating Habits
Locomotion training
consists of
just two exercises.
Preventing Locomotive Syndrome through Exercise

Doing regular moderate exercise and eating properly
makes your back and legs healthy.

Locomotive syndrome is a cause of concern as a
new affliction following metabolic syndrome.
Is it possible you already have locomotive syndrome?

  • You can't put your
    sock on standing
    on one leg.
  • You often trip or slip
    around the house.
  • You need to hold on
    to the handrail when
    climbing the stairs.
  • You have difficulty
    doing moderately
    heavy housework.
  • You have difficulty
    carrying home 2 kg
    of shopping.
  • You can't walk for a
    quarter of an hour
  • You can't make it
    across the road before
    the light turns red.

As a sponsor of "The Locomotive Challenge Council,"
the launch of which was headed by
the Japanese Orthopaedic Association,
Otsuka Pharmaceutical supports efforts to create
a Japan that can beat locomotive syndrome.

Locomotive Challenge!

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