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SOYSH Sparkling Soy Beverage With a Silky and Refreshing Taste Born From Carbonation and Soybeans SOYSH is a completely new soy beverage that is surprisingly easy to drink. Although it still contains all the nutrition of whole soybeans, including okara, (as known as soybean fiber) that is discarded when making soy milk, SOYSH has none of the distinctive aftertaste of soymilk, and offers a refreshing carbonated taste. Moreover, it has only 51 calories per bottle even though it contains at least 7% soybean solids. Therefore, it is the perfect daily addition to any enjoyable and healthy lifestyle.

Product Features

SOYSH is made from whole soybeans, not including the thin peel. With a refreshing carbonated taste, there is none of the distinctive soymilk aftertaste. The taste is refreshing even for those not fond of soybeans. One 100 milliliter bottle is the perfect amount for a daily dose of soy.

Nutrition Component

Per bottle (100 ml)
SOYSH Energy: 51 kcal, protein: 3.2 g, fat: 1.9 g, sugars: 4.8 g, dietary fiber: 3.5 g, sodium: 132 mg, potassium: 550 mg, cholesterol: 0 mg

Soy isoflavones: 15 mg, at least 7% soy solids


SOYSH Soybeans (non-genetically-modified), dietary fiber (polydextrose), sugar, potassium hydroxide, fragrance, sweetener (stevia), antioxidants (vitamin E)

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