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CEO of Nutrition & Sante SAS (a subsidiary of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)

He has been CEO of the health and nutritional foods company Nutrition & Sante since 2006. His earlier career was also notable as he was the CEO of companies in several different industries. He is a graduate of HEC Paris.

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March 2013

About Nutrition & Sante

Nutrition & Sante is a company which is growing fast, and bringing products to consumers which make their lives better.

Experience as a CEO in different industries

My background has been very diverse. I worked for around 10 years in an American company, in the fast-moving consumer goods area. Then I worked 10 years in the champagne industry and was the CEO of a famous champagne company. And then, I became the CEO of a fashion and luxury magazine company. So you are right to say that the nutraceutical business, Nutrition & Sante, is a little bit different.

I would say that certainly I enjoy working for a company which is bringing products to consumers to make their lives better. I think this kind of company mission is actually important for a human being. When you work “24-7” you want to make sure that you are making a positive difference in the environment and in the world around you. And I really feel this is what I am doing, working for Nutrition & Sante.

Prefer biscuits to beautiful models?

Well, I would say beautiful models in a way can make the life of somebody better. But I would say that it is probably a more selfish pleasure than the pleasure that consumers can feel by being healthy. Bringing health to the world is certainly the company mission, and something everybody likes to do, and I certainly enjoy doing that.

Strong teamwork at Nutrition & Sante makes a difference

What is very strong at Nutrition & Sante is the kind of teamwork that we have. I had the luck to be surrounded by very professional people — people with skills which are quite unique — and I think we bonded together very well. The kind of unity we are feeling makes the company grow and it makes a difference. So, teamwork is certainly in my view the secret for the success of the company today.


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