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Senior Operating Officer Responsible for Asia and the Middle East

Born in South Korea, he graduated from the Department of Forest Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, at Seoul National University. He then joined JE-IL Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Korea. After becoming President and Representative Director of Korea Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., he went on to become a Senior Operating Officer at Otsuka Pharmaceutical in Japan, and the Deputy General Manager, the OIAA Division (responsible for pharmaceuticals).

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March 2013

Student days studying forestry

I entered the College of Agriculture and studied trees, grasses,
flowers, birds and even insects. I still remember the names of
hundreds of trees, grasses and flowers. Whenever I find a tree or
grass that I don't recognize, I enjoy trying to identify it using a classification book.

We didn't have to decide on a major until the second year of university, so I did not study at all as a first-year student, and I spent my time having fun instead of going to classes. Anyway, I thought that forestry would be interesting, and so I decided my major, and I learned the names of lots of different trees. Even though it has nothing to do with my current job, I'm glad that I was able to study forestry, as I learned a lot. There are many trees that I do not recognize in Japan, but I intend to learn their names too. I really like remembering the names of forests, trees and flowers.

When I retire, I'd like to become a forest interpreter in South Korea. I could take children on tours of the forest, teaching them the names of trees and flowers and their stories. But that is something in the very distant future.

How I became interested in working here

After graduating from university I had to do my mandatory military service. It was April by the time I was finished, which is not the usual job recruiting season in Korea. I decided the important thing was to get hired first and not worry about the type of company. That's when I came across a job advertisement for Otsuka Pharmaceutical. So I went for an interview, and then joined the company. It was just by chance that I began my career at Otsuka.

My first five months with the company were not so interesting. The job had nothing to do with my university major, and I was not that interested in doing sales. Then in October I was sent to Japan for training, and after returning to Korea, I was given the position of product marketing manager. It was then that my pharmaceutical work became really interesting. I enjoyed deciding the product positioning and strategy myself, and then working with my team to achieve results. To some extent, I found it a lot of fun to achieve the figures I had planned. Whether I was working late or coming in on my days off, I would always return home with a sense of satisfaction.


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