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Otsuka Welfare Clinic Administrative Staff

The Otsuka Welfare Clinic is a free medical clinic in Peshawar, Pakistan that assists Afghan refugees. The clinic was launched by Otsuka Pharmaceutical and Otsuka Pakistan Ltd. in 2003 with the assistance of 24 Otsuka Group companies.
Here are four employees talking about their experiences working Otsuka Welfare Clinic.

“Special Interviews” are interviews with people who are not Otsuka employees but whose work is related to Otsuka.

April 2014

The Otsuka Welfare Clinic was established in 2003 in Peshawar. Since
the 9/11 terror attacks, 1.8 million Afghan refugees have fled to
Pakistan. Seeing firsthand that these refugees did not have access to
adequate healthcare, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, working in partnership
with 24 Otsuka Group companies doing business in Western Asia and
Arab countries, founded the Otsuka Welfare Clinic to provide free
treatment for a wide range of diseases out of a strong desire to provide health care to the people in the region.
Even today, the conflict drags on, and 1~1.2 million refugees are living in Pakistan. The clinic has treated more than 700,000 people in the past 10 years.

Regional Sales Manager,
with Otsuka Pakistan Ltd. for 23 years

In Peshawar there have been other free medical clinics but Otsuka Welfare Clinic is unique, because for the past 10 years we have continuously provided healthcare services to Afghan refugees who have fled to Pakistan, while others have closed down. I feel that it is a wonderful thing when those who have the resources help those who are in need. This type of corporate social responsibility is needed to build a better world. I am very proud of the services Otsuka Welfare Clinic has been able to provide.

National Sales Manager,
with Otsuka Pakistan Ltd. for 23 years

I joined Otsuka straight out of college. Otsuka is where I started my career and it is here where I gained confidence and self-respect. I’m proud of being part of an organization that allows me and other staff to develop our sense of caring and dignity. That is why I was thrilled when I was appointed to be part of the Otsuka Welfare Clinic project. I oversaw the program from the very beginning and helped select the building for the clinic, drug purchases, hiring of staff and registration with government functionaries.


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