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Nutraceuticals Sales

In her fourth year with Otsuka Pharmaceutical, she is dedicated to getting involved with the lives of people in local communities to create better health together.

August 2015

Beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking
—A theme shared by Otsuka

I majored in sociology at university, which was largely about behavioral analyses of your own actions through field works. Major theme of sociology is about discovering the very root of common assumptions by constantly questioning them.

When I was job hunting and as the words “questioning common assumptions” popped up on careers page on the Otsuka Pharmaceutical website, it caught my attention right away. It triggered my interest and attachment to the company, as it matched what I had been thinking throughout my years at college.

I am currently a sales representative for Otsuka consumer products, including POCARI SWEAT and Calorie Mate. My sales area covers parts of Miyagi Prefecture and involves visiting supermarkets and drugstores, as well as retail outlets that serve tourists. I also arrange events such as giving seminars at assemblies about heat disorders and rehydration. I had only been to my sales area once before assignment, but now I adore Sendai City and am truly glad that I moved here.

I was making prejudgments

As I revisit how my initial years were when I started working as a sales representative, I felt that I was limited from doing certain things at work which I had previously expected it to be capable. It even led me to think about quitting. Now I realize that I was only prejudging by placing those limitations on myself.

At first, I was only interested in how POCARI SWEAT were displayed and sold at retailers. But then I noticed how doing just that will not give me the true understandings of what sort of people were buying POCARI SWEAT. So I carefully observed those customers and looked closely at their lifestyles within the local way of living.

Now I see Otsuka’s products as an opportunity to meet all kinds of people. I wanted to develop a bond with people in the community, and to get to know the community. It helped me overcome my difficult times as I felt the inclusion by being accepted into the local community.


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