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Nutraceuticals Sales

The Nutritional Products Team at our Kobe Branch Office currently consists of seven members. Here, we hear from the team leader and a 4th-year member of the team, who is currently striving to develop new sales channels based on his experiences in sales and sales promotions.

October 2015

Please tell us about your team.

Team Leader: Our current team covers Kobe and its surrounding areas. Because one of our team slogans is, “Become the company closest to the consumer,” it’s important that we make an effort to know various actual needs and people’s concerns and hopes, so we can learn from people, events, and the environment on the front lines. “Purchase contact points including new sales channels” – I think creating these is the starting point for creating new values, new categories, and thence new markets.

4th-year Team Member: Our Team is staffed with professionals in specialized fields, so it feels as if I always have the support I need; if I ask a certain person they’ll give me an answer, or maybe I have a question and they’ll respond with an experience or rather than giving me the answer they’ll prompt me to think it out; it’s like I’m always increasing my store of useful skills and knowledge.

What is your job now?

4th-year Team Member: Currently I’m assigned to sales. I was also assigned to sales when I first joined the company but I transferred to sales promotions during my third year. In sales promotions, our aim is to create customers who will use Otsuka products for their entire lifetime, but when you actually try to accomplish that you find out that information can be disseminated but it’s difficult to convince people to actually take up the products and try them for themselves. It was really frustrating. That’s when I had the idea of expanding existing tools from one facility to others. I was able to discover tools that could be expanded throughout the city straight away, and by connecting them we were able to immediately disseminate information citywide and expand our sales channels.

Before I joined the company, I only thought of Otsuka Pharmaceutical products from a sports perspective, but I came to realize that our products play a valid role in many scenarios, contributing to elderly people’s well being and also in the context of daily health. I think I learned two major things through my work in sales promotions. One was to recognize reality. And the other was the power of expression. To realize what consumers are actually thinking and think about how to express a specific proposal so that it will definitely reach them – this experience is the most important thing I took away.


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