Environmental Vision & Policy

Otsuka Pharmaceutical, as one of the Otsuka group companies, aims to achieve 2050 Environmental Vision, "Net Zero."

Sustainability Mission Contribute to a healthier and more sustainable society, while simultaneously achieving growth

The Otsuka group has established a 2050 Environmental Vision, "Net Zero," which aims to reduce the total environmental impact of our business activities to zero. Under this vision, we identified three environmental material issues: "carbon neutrality," "circular economy," and "water neutrality." As global action aimed at a decarbonized society gathers speed, we have established a new set of medium-term targets with the aim of being more proactive in our own initiatives. We will promote activities to improve employees' understanding and recognition of environmental issues through environment-related training, generate synergy among Otsuka group companies, and act from a unified standpoint.

Environmental Policy

The Otsuka group strives to advance as an essential company that contributes to the health of people and global environment. We will help to realize a society in which people and the earth can coexist in the future by continuing to work on the issues with creativity.


  1. 1Carbon Neutrality
    We are committed to carbon neutrality throughout our business activities, aiming to create a decarbonized society.
  2. 2Circular Economy
    We are committed to the elimination of fossil resources-derived materials and the achievement of zero waste, aiming to create a circular economy society.
  3. 3Water Neutrality
    Promote sustainable use of water through conservation, recycling and clean return.
  4. 4Environmental Compliance
    Continue to improve our environmental management system, increase effectiveness of compliance, and reduce risks.
  5. 5Communication
    We will proactively disclose environment-related information in a transparent manner, and promote communication with stakeholders.