Corporate Philosophy

Otsuka-people creating new products
for better health worldwide

These words embody our dedication to:

Creating unique and innovative products
Improving health and well-being
Contributing to the lives of people worldwide

Today, Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s innovative and creative pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products are supporting the lives of people around the globe.

The company upholds an ethical and youthful vitality appropriate to an enterprise involved with human life based on our values; "JISSHO" (Proof through Execution) and "SOZOSEI" (Creativity). Adopting a global perspective, Otsuka people strive to build harmonious relationships with local communities and the natural environment while pursuing the goal of contributing to better health and more prosperous lives for people everywhere.

Commemorative stone
carved with company philosophy

Monuments reflecting the philosophy of Otsuka Pharmaceutical
Giant Tomato Tree / Bent Giant Cedar / Floating Stones

Three monuments that overturn stereotypes adorn Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s employee training center, the Human Resource Development Institute, and adjacent Vega Hall (an assembly hall). These monuments were created to encourage employees to study diligently and make great leaps in the future and to invite them to embrace the challenge of reaching their full potentials.

In the Tomato Hall at the Human Resource Development Institute, thousands of plump, red tomatoes grow on only a few tomato plants overlooking visitors. Each tomato “tree” grows stalks stretching over 10 meters. However, these tomatoes are not a special variety; they are a common variety, merely grown using hydroponic cultivation. Tomato plants are usually grown in the ground. This variety, planted in the ground, would be no more than normal size. In other words, the ground (soil cultivation) seems to have many growth-inhibiting factors, limiting the tomatoes’ growth from reaching their full potential.

“In order to change preconceptions, we planted the Giant Tomato Tree. Normally, a tomato plant produces only 50 to 60 tomatoes, but if you alter the way you cultivate it, it has the potential to produce 10,000. Likewise, if people think a little differently, they could unlock their enormous potential.”

By liberating the tomato tree’s roots, the tree grown at the Human Resource Development Institute in Tokushima, Japan produces several thousand tomatoes each year. This tree reminds us that if we free ourselves from the norm, we can unlock our unlimited potential.

Located inside the entrance to Vega Hall is a bent giant cedar with another cedar lying atop it, appearing unsteady at first glance, but maintaining magnificent balance. Here, a giant cedar, which is not supposed to be bent, is bent, and two logs that should not be stable with one atop the other are holding steady at a single point. This untitled work (created by Chuichi Fujii) conveys a constant message about breaking down stereotypes and changing our thinking.

In this stone garden, large, heavy stones that should not float do appear to float on the water. One is even floating above strong fountain waters. The gently curved stones represent Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s spirit — its love of humanity and its wish for people’s well-being. This garden, which grabs people’s interest, enriching the heart and giving them the ability to think about things, encourages them to come up with new ideas.

The word “creating” in the Otsuka Group’s corporate philosophy of “Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide” is the foundation of everything we do. These three monuments continue to convey our commitment to creativity — to employees and visitors alike.