Inquiries about pharmaceutical products

Prescription drugs
(except infusions, Racol, and Twin Line)

Otsuka Pharmaceutical provides information on the proper use of medication in accordance with the role and mission of a medication consultation service, as recommended by the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association.

For inquiries about infusions, Racol, Twin Line and medical foods (OS-1, Engelead, GFO, etc.)


Research reagents and products of Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. (CIL)

Inquiries about the company

Inquiries about consumer products

Beverages, foods, supplements and promotional campaigns

Cosmetics, quasi-drugs and
over-the-counter drugs
(Oronine and NEW SARALIN)

* Please note that we may not be able to respond to your online inquiry.
* We can only respond to inquiries about products sold in Japan.