Our Commitments

One by One, Doing What We Can

As a corporate citizen and member of the global community, Otsuka Pharmaceutical is doing what it can — one challenge at a time — for the global environment and community, while creating products for better health worldwide.

Social Activities

Health, the environment, and local communities: these three key areas drive our social initiatives as we leverage our knowledge, experience, and human resources as a life sciences company and actively engage communities in dialogue.

Listening to Customers

We operate customer support centers for different product segments, to ensure that we listen well to our customers. Our customer hotline operates beyond regular business to maximize our availability to customers.


Otsuka Pharmaceutical offers flexible working conditions suited to a diverse workforce. Each employee combines his or her work conditions and individuality on the job. Our diversity is a great source of energy for Otsuka Pharmaceutical.

Environmental Activities


Otsuka Pharmaceutical complies with social norms and regulations and laws, and seeks to continue learning from other cultures, gaining social acceptance, and existing harmoniously in the larger community.

Risk Management

Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s risk management system addresses natural disasters, accidents, incidents, outbreaks of disease, and IT-related trouble.

Hotel Ridge (in Japanese)

A relaxing oasis surrounded by the nature of Naruto. Leave your busy life behind and experience the peace and relaxation offered by the luxurious Hotel Ridge. Take in the ocean view from your window and enjoy an experience like no other.