Listening to Customer

We operate customer support centers for different product segments, to listen to customers and provide specific advice.

Initiatives for Quality

Otsuka Pharmaceutical is dedicated to the rigorous pursuit of product safety and reliability, backed by a quality policy that is grounded in our corporate philosophy.

Ensuring reliable quality in products regulated under
the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act*1

Otsuka Pharmaceutical has a system in place to ensure that the company delivers only safe, high-quality products in full compliance with all laws and regulations, giving customers the assurance they need to use these products with peace of mind. The company has established a Headquarters for Product Safety and Quality Assurance to strengthen measures related to product quality and safety and to provide a clearly defined structure to ensure that its market responsibilities as a manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceuticals are upheld. The Headquarters exercises direct supervision over all related departments and divisions. In addition to collecting and centrally managing quality and safety information from medical practitioners and customers, the Headquarters works with related departments to resolve problems and provide information on correct product usage, to secure the reliability of products.

*1 Products regulated under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act: Pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices.

ISO22000 food safety management

Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s Saga Factory and Tokushima Itano Factory have received ISO 22000 (food safety management systems) certification. Combining the general ideas behind both the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and ISO management systems, these standards are expected to provide a single approach to problems related to the safety of food in an era of globalization. Systems are in place at both the Saga and the Tokushima Itano factories to ensure the manufacture and stable supply of high-quality products under the concept of Food Safety and Reassurance.

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Information Desk

Drug Information Center

The Drug Information Center answers customer questions about pharmaceutical products. This center receives some 53,000 calls from patients and medical institutions each year, and provides easy-to-understand explanations of the proper usage and counter-indications for pharmaceutical products. In addition, customer opinions and requests are compiled in a database. This information is reviewed internally and otherwise used to help improve Otsuka Pharmaceutical products and customer service.

Customer Relations Desk,
Planning and Reliability
Promotion Office

The Customer Relations Desk in the Planning and Reliability Promotion Office answers questions from customers about cosmetics and quasi-drugs. The information the desk receives via telephone, e-mail and letters is compiled and used to increase customer satisfaction by improving instruction booklets and enhancing the products themselves.

Customer Service Office

The Customer Service Office answers questions from customers about the company’s nutraceutical business products. The Customer Service Office receives some 45,000 calls each year. Customer opinions and suggestions are stored in a company-wide database and incorporated into the company’s business activities.

Telephone Service Center

The Telephone Service Center responds to after-hours (5:30 p.m.‒9:00 a.m.) calls from customers to ensure that customer questions are answered and their opinions are heard no matter the time of day.