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CSRInitiatives for instructors

Interest in heat disorders is increasing in the classroom, and Otsuka Pharmaceutical has received more requests to conduct seminars for instructors, as well as for students. To answer this need, the company introduced the Otsuka Academy Open Seminar School for Instructors in fiscal 2011 to provide information to teachers, parents, and instructors.

Otsuka Academy Open Seminar School for Instructors

The Otsuka Academy Open Seminars were introduced in 2001 with the purpose of providing elementary, junior high, and high school students around Japan with information on rehydration and nutrition for sports activities. In fiscal 2011, the company added content designed for teachers, parents, and sports instructors to create the Seminar School in an attempt to provide information to children through additional channels. Some 10,000 instructors per year attend seminars on sports activities and rehydration.

Led by Otsuka Pharmaceutical employees, the company is tailoring the content to address the need for heat disorder prevention information that incorporates elements of food education, in addition to information on rehydration and nutritional replenishment. When sharing the latest information about heat disorders prevention, seminar staff highlight the importance of eating breakfast.

The seminars have generated a great deal of feedback from participating instructors, including the examples quoted below.

  • This information is easy to teach to my students since it fits well with the advice that I give them to go to bed early, wake up early, and eat breakfast.
  • I would like to see a health bulletin or leaflet that contains this information distributed to every household.
  • The seminar was a great opportunity to meet with others working in health education and to talk in depth about these topics.
  • Parents responded positively, expressing strong interest in the content.

Otsuka will continue to conduct these seminars to provide information to instructors, parents, and guardians as part of its work to ensure that children can have fun in a safe environment during their daily sports activities.

Partnering with Japan Junior Sports Clubs Association on Sports Activities Support Campaign Project

Otsuka has partnered with the Japan Junior Sports Clubs Association of Japan Sports Association for its Sports Activities Support Campaign Project as a means of educating the Junior Sports Club members and instructors in Japan on how to deal with heat disorders and keep properly hydrated during sports activities. As its contribution to the project, the company gives talks nationwide and provides training for those involved as instructors for Junior Sports Clubs members. These activities are designed to help educate and prevent incidents of heat disorders among children during this vulnerable time in their lives.