Frequently Asked Questions About Otsuka’s Beverages

What does the expiration date indicate?

The expiration date tells you the date until which the drink can be kept unopened, under the storage conditions indicated, and still retain its optimal taste. Once the cap has been opened, it should be consumed as soon as possible.

After opening a drink, how long can it be kept?

Since Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s drinks contain no chemical preservatives, once you take a sip, it should be consumed the same day. If you pour some into a glass, then the remaining drink can be stored in the refrigerator for one or two days, as a rule. It is a good idea to select a bottle size you can consume as quickly as possible.

Can the drinks be frozen and partially thawed before drinking?

Do not put a drink directly into the freezer, as the liquid inside will expand, damaging the container and causing it to leak. Also, once the beverage is frozen and then partially thawed, the flavor will become inconsistent. This is because the water will freeze first, causing the remaining liquid to be concentrated.

Can I take medication with a soft drink?

Pharmaceuticals should be taken with plain hot or cold water, according to the prescribed dosage and method.

How do I read the expiration date on the container?

The first two numbers (left to right) indicate the last two digits of the year. This is followed by the month and then the date.

For the date on a can: (Expiration date is the first row on the bottom of the can; the letters in the second row are a manufacturing site code)
E.g. 14.03.25 means March 25, 2014

For the date on a plastic bottle:
E.g. 14.03.25 means March 25, 2014

All products mentioned are sold in Japan.