Original Research & Development

Pharmaceutical Business R&D

Discovering and developing
innovative drugs that contribute to
patients’ health

Otsuka researchers possess the burning passion that is important to persevere an idea. And they do so with an equally important clarity of purpose: to discover and develop innovative drugs that contribute to patients’ health. Our researchers work collaboratively in open-floor spaces to reinforce progress on good ideas, but the seeds of those ideas are often an individual researcher’s way of thinking about a medical challenge. New compounds discovered at research institutes in Tokushima, Japan are advanced to our clinical development institutes centered in Japan, the US, Europe and other Asian counties. In addition, we selectively partner in companies to accelerate world-class R&D.

Research principles :

  • Embrace the challenge of continuously creating highly original pharmaceuticals which put patients first
  • Nurture unique pharmaceutical projects through Otsuka’s global satellite R&D systems
  • Leverage global research resources via our institutes in Japan, the US, China and the UK
  • Discover new pharmaceuticals related to the central nervous system, in oncology, and in other areas where medical needs remain underserved

With strong confidence in these research principles, Otsuka will continue to take on the challenge of creating truly unconventional solutions.

Nutraceutical Business R&D

Developing products to maintain
and promote peoples’ health
around the world

Development of nutraceutical*1 business products begins with a scientific evaluation of the potential health benefits of the product. Making the most of our expertise in pharmaceutical research, we strive to create new value without regard to existing trends, popular taste. Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s unique approach revolves around two essential R&D principles: choosing bold paths rather than worn ones to create value available nowhere else, and development of globally appealing products. One after another, Otsuka has come out with new ideas that are ahead of its time, each one creating a market that did not exist before. Taking yet another step forward, Otsuka has being pursuing research and development of Cosmedics*2 for healthier skin since 1990, resulting in the InnerSignal and UL・OS product lines. Based on the Soylution*3 concept, which seeks to bring the full potential of soy to the world, the company’s two research institutes in Tokushima are focused on developing soy food product and are searching for tastes and food forms that will be appealing to people around the world.

Otsuka develops these innovative products at its own research institutes as well as external institutes with which we collaborate to explore additional evidence and maximizing the health-improving value of our products.

Nutraceuticals: nutrition + pharmaceuticals
Cosmedics: cosmetics + medicine
Soylution: Soy + solution