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Sales to Nationwide Chain Customers

After joining Otsuka Pharmaceutical,
he worked in sales promotion in the Nutraceuticals Division for a year and a half. He then did sales for five years in the same division. In February 2013, he was assigned to National Retail Accounts Department, which is in charge of nationwide chain customers.

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December 2013

How I became interested in working here

I was in a swimming club in high school. During a swimming training camp, I attended a nutritional seminar given by someone from Otsuka Pharmaceutical. That seminar created a lasting impression on me. Until that point, I knew next to nothing about nutrition. At that seminar I learned that excelling in sports not only requires practice, but also solid knowledge about nutrition. That’s why I decided to join Otsuka. I had a strong desire to help support hard-working athletes with nutritional knowledge, even after I retired from competitive swimming.

Always giving my best to customers

I started with one and a half years in product promotion, and then moved on to sales for the next five years.

I really value relationships with people. Even though it only takes a moment to meet someone new, it could lead to a lifelong friendship. That’s why I always do my best for those I meet as a part of my work. If you make an effort to really understand each other, a lot of interesting conversations can arise, and that can lead to sales. Even when I make mistakes, it is still important for me to be myself. This is the kind of sales style I am committed to.

But always striving to do my very best can be tiring. Rather than dealing with stress on my own, I like to talk with various co-workers and friends. Since I am also the type of person who can forget his worries by getting a good night’s sleep, I am able to stay balanced. Practices like these and positive thinking help me a lot.

Diversity training on the theme of innovation

During my time in sales, I participated in a diversity training course on the theme of
innovation. As part of the training, I was sent on my own to an Otsuka Pharmaceutical
company in Guangdong, China. There, I worked with local sales staff for ten days.

At first, all I felt was anxiety. Since they didn’t understand Japanese, and I didn’t understand Chinese, it was a real dilemma. So I began by being the first one to get to work in the
morning, and greeted everyone in Chinese as they arrived. Gradually, I got used to the situation, and was able to communicate in writing. I also
tried to read the emotions on people’s faces in order to better communicate. Eventually, I went out with other staff
to shopping areas and visited each shop in order to explain our products and take orders. It was really quite a humbling experience in China. We often forget that the company
began with this kind of basic sales work, so I am really grateful for the experience.


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