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Medical Representative

Assistant Section Manager, Pharmaceuticals Division, Tokyo Branch Office Worked as a medical representative (MR) since joining Otsuka in 2001. From 2007, he is in charge of the Tokyo area as a CNS (Central Nervous System) MR, promoting Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s CNS products to doctors.

In collaboration with NHK Enterprises, Inc.

December 2014

“I started with zero knowledge of pharmaceuticals.”

Since I didn’t study pharmaceuticals at school, I had absolutely no knowledge to begin with. After passing my MR certification exam, when I first started work, I often felt compelled to talk about what I learned from my studies. However, I only unilaterally conveyed information to busy doctors without ever listening to their needs and wants. That sometimes made doctors angry.

“Explain as simply as possible to doctors with little time.”

Doctors are everyday busy. I therefore always try to think of ways I can accommodate their needs and wants. I try to be useful when promoting products by using language that is as easy to understand. I try to explain simply how our products can help, and the sort of patients they are intended for.
If I had to say, I don’t consider myself skilled at conversation.

When I was in school, a lecturer at a prep school broke down a very complex university-entrance exam question in a very easy-to-understand way. That really helped with our comprehension.That’s when I learned the importance of making complex matters easy to understand.

I worked part-time at a cram school for children when I was a student. I learned that using difficult language with primary school children doesn’t help with comprehension. Conversely, with high school students, using overly simple primary school language also hampers their comprehension. I therefore tried to come up with explanations that were most easily understood by each specific student.


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