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Medical Representative

Majored in engineering and was a member of the Aviation Club at university. Aimed for a career as an MR due to his desire to contribute to health and human lives. Presently assigned to several university hospital branch facilities and local flagship hospitals.

September 2015

The corporate culture encourages MRs to be creative

Before I joined the company, I thought that the position of an MR required mostly humble bowing to generate business. That aspect does exist, but a lot of the work is creative, such as making proposals based on doctors’ needs and refining the details through discussions with various doctors. It’s almost as if my expectations before I joined the company were betrayed, but in a good way.

The name Otsuka Pharmaceuticals made me think of POCARI SWEAT and Oronamin C. And because it’s a large firm, I thought it would be difficult to carve out my own space. But after joining the company, I discovered that each of us is assigned an area and the ability to make various proposals from the ground level up, as if I’m the area president, is what I find so interesting. Each and every one of us is given the authority and the freedom to take action as required within that authority; Otsuka Pharmaceutical has a culture and climate that fosters creativity.

The joy of building relationships of trust with my doctors

When I thought about how doctors consult with MRs about their ideas for new treatments and their anxieties about proposing better treatments for their patients, I felt that the ability to offer rapid response would be the key to gaining their trust. I’m the kind of person who prefers to resolve even personal matters quickly, and I think that rapid response makes it possible for everyone to work together more amiably. Actually, when I asked how I had been able to improve my relationship with him, a doctor told me that when he is troubled by something, the most important thing is an MR who is able to quickly propose a solution. During my efforts to build relationships, I was overjoyed when one of my doctors told me, “you are one of the three best MRs I have ever worked with.”


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