Otsuka People Talk

Manager, Business Planning
and Analysis, Pharmavite

Moved from Mexico to the U.S. and received her MBA from University of California, Davis. Awarded the Spotlight on Excellence Award in 2014 for her work in supporting client accounts.

May 2016

Looked for a job that impacted consumers positively

Pharmavite is a company with very impressive mission and values. The products that they manufacture actually impact consumers’ lives in a positive way. And that’s really important for me and it was very important when I was looking for a job.

As I learned more about Pharmavite, I discovered it was part of the Otsuka Group. I think it’s important for Pharmavite to be part of a global company that’s committed to developing products that make a difference in people’s lives.

Turning negative into a positive

I have been with Pharmavite for about 7 years in the Customer Marketing Department. The Customer Marketing Department is the team that works with the retailers that sell our products.

A couple of years ago one of the major retailers that I work with was facing challenges with lower sales. So the team developed a program targeting women shoppers with products and messages that helped increase sales. This program reverted the negative trends and was successful, for the retailer, their consumers and for the Nature Made brand.

One of the projects that I recently worked on for one of these retailers was the launch of a children’s line of vitamins. With the collaboration of the sales and customer marketing teams, we were able to launch this new line flawlessly and on time. And in only 4 months we were able to increase the Nature Made share by 1.5%.

People are key to success

I believe that at Pharmavite, people are key to success. When you work on a team, you need to make sure that every team member is respected and recognized for their effort.

My advice to young professionals is to work hard, to ask questions, to learn new and different things and most importantly, to embrace diversity.