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Group Leader, Department of Clinical Management Headquarters of Clinical Development

An interview with a group leader who transferred from a research position to work more closely with clinicians, and is now coming into his own as a team leader.

August 2017

A domestic study exchange became a turning point

I started basic research when I was at college; this continued when assigned to work in Otsuka’s research facilities—meaning that up until that point I didn’t work with people as such at all. It was when I was on a domestic study exchange that I first had the opportunity to work closely with doctors, and it was this experience that taught me what medical practice is actually all about.

After returning to the research facilities I started my basic research again. However, my clinical experience had changed something in me, and I started to feel that I wanted to continue my work somewhere where I could be more directly involved with clinical medicine. It was then that I asked to be transferred to work in development.

My manager at the time was very understanding and supportive, and taught me what working in development would entail. They gave me the push that I needed to make the transfer to my new position.

Working in development

The first role I had in the development field was monitoring Parkinson's disease and restless legs syndrome—work that was focused on guaranteeing the quality of clinical trial data. It involved visiting hospitals to meet with doctors to exchange information and data. This was a complete change from my previous job where my research had revolved around databases, cells, and laboratory mice. This new position taught me that doctors have different approaches depending on the field they work in, and that doctors themselves are a very diverse group of people.


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