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Manager, Human Resources Departmenat

An interview with recruiter who has worked in both the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Business Division, discussing the kind of employees that Otsuka is looking for.

September 2017

What kind of company is Otsuka?

Otsuka's corporate philosophy is “Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide.” I can speak confidently and proudly about Otsuka's mission of helping healthy people further improve their health, and helping those who are struggling with health issues to regain it. When recruiting, things like gender, age, and nationality are irrelevant—we look at the individual. In fact, the company is full of people with a diverse range of backgrounds. The fact that Otsuka looks at and evaluates each person as an individual is one of the things that makes me glad to have joined the company.

My work

I initially joined the company as a Medical Representative (MR). Following that, I moved to the Training Department to oversee MR training, then transferred to the Nutraceutical Business Division. It was after that I moved to the Personnel Department where I am now in charge of recruitment. When I look back, I feel glad that I was able to get some experience in sales; it allowed me to learn how customers see things, how they think, and what they need. Having this perspective is useful for all jobs in the company, and I’m reminded every day in my work in recruitment just how important this experience was. Otsuka gives its employees the power to act at their own discretion, regardless of their age or rank. In fact, I have free rein to recruit people however I want; The only thing that I have been told not to do is end up with cookie-cutter recruits—the company is seeking diversity, so when recruiting I look for people who agree with Otsuka's mission, but have a wide range of personalities and characters.


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