Otsuka People Talk

Medical Representative(MR)

An interview with a fifth-year employee on her passion for the Medical Representative position.

October 2017

Why Otsuka?

When I was still a student at pharmaceutical college, I had the idea that I wanted to be a pharmacist. But, during my fourth year, my professor strongly recommended that I become an MR, telling me that my personality was better suited for that position. Following that I decided to do as he suggested. I was particularly interested in the central nervous system and cancer, so I narrowed my employment choices down to companies that were strong in those fields. Of those, I felt drawn to Otsuka Pharmaceutical, which is well-loved by many people for products such as POCARI SWEAT and ORONAMIN C. That’s why in the end I chose Otsuka.

The attraction of the MR role

As an MR, I visit hospitals and private clinical practices. Although I still lack experience, I’m always trying to learn from the doctors that I work with. I know that my work helps patients, and, from a sales perspective, the work is enjoyatble because your efforts affect the numbers you generate, and you also get direct feedback for the work you do. I’m a very competitive person and wanted to be the top salesperson for a particular product - I ended up ranking first for 18 consecutive months at our branch office. However, I think this was only possible because of the motivation that came from the support of my associates and careful evaluation of my work.


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