Aggressively Promoting Diversity: A Team of Unique,
Talented Employees Fuels Innovation and Globalization

Otsuka Pharmaceutical believes that utilizing the talents of a diverse workforce, regardless of nationality, race, age or gender, is the best way to generate the kind of innovative products and ideas that drive corporate growth. Top management at Otsuka has aggressively pursued diversity since the 1980s, well before the concept was widely accepted in Japan. The company has been progressive and proactive in its approach, organizing its first Women’s Forum (now known as the Diversity Forum) in 1990, aimed at boosting awareness both among managers and also among our female employees themselves. In addition to expanding employee leave for childcare and nursing care to ensure that employees in various situations are able to continue their careers, we have also introduced policies to maintain and boost individual employee motivation.

Diversity Forum In 2007, Otsuka Pharmaceutical introduced diversity promotion projects, actively seeking ways to encourage employees at the company to share information and experiences and maintain and boost employee motivation. One such initiative, the Diversity Forum, has been held since 2008 to introduce diverse role models from Otsuka Group companies both in Japan and overseas. Currently more than 100 employees, both from within and outside of Japan, take part in these forums.

WING seminar To encourage the active participation of female medical representatives, Otsuka Women's Workshops give employees an opportunity to share information on childrearing. These workshops aim to help our female employees continue their
careers after they get married, give birth, and start raising children. We also established WING, a cross-organizational voluntary study group that actively
engages in activities centering on the
theme, “Our changes can change the company.”

Today, we have women in leadership positions in a number of different departments and projects, from research to production to marketing, and the percentage of women in executive positions at Otsuka Pharmaceutical is significantly higher than the average for publicly listed companies.

Ikuboss seminar Recent times have seen an increasing number of male employees wanting to both work and contribute to childrearing. Managers are also required to expand their perspectives in an age of increasing employee diversity. In addition to hosting seminars for male employees (or spouses), in 2015 Otsuka Pharmaceutical joined the “Ikuboss Company Alliance”, a network of corporations that aims to foster ikubosses (involved bosses), male and female managers who are understanding of employees’ need for work/life balance. Otsuka Pharmaceutical has also issued its own ‘Ikuboss Declaration.’

BeanStalk Kids Center Tokushima To further support employees with children in balancing work and childcare, Otsuka opened on-site day care BeanStalk Kids Centers in Tokushima and Osaka in 2011 and 2014 respectively.
In recognition of these and other initiatives, Otsuka Pharmaceutical received Next-Generation Certification (known as "Kurumin" certification) in 2008, and in 2014 was awarded Diversity Management Selection 100 status by the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Heartful Kawauchi is engaged in agricultural business. To encourage employees with disabilities to fully utilize their talents, Otsuka Pharmaceutical established Heartful Kawauchi Co., Ltd., a special subsidiary, in Tokushima in October 2011. The subsidiary creates employment opportunities for individuals with physical and/or mental disabilities, also providing a venue for them to demonstrate their abilities to the full. Employees at Heartful Kawauchi are currently actively engaged in the local community in roles ranging from office and production support to agriculture (growing tomatoes).

Otsuka remains committed to promoting diversity in the workplace through hiring a diverse range of talented people and striving to make the most of each individual's strengths.

* In response to a recently enacted bill (April 2016) to promote the active engagement of women in society, Otsuka has investigated and analyzed issues impacting on our female employees, and formulated a new action plan aimed at promoting the success of all employees, including women. We are also providing information about women’s achievements outside of the company.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Diversity Initiatives & Accomplishments

Category Description
Career advancement initiatives Diversity promotion projects Otsuka launched the “Diversity Promotion Project” in 2007, to promote diversity in many areas, not only gender. Forums and seminars promoting diversity are held regularly as part of the project.
Maternity and child care leave Though Japanese law mandates two-thirds pay, Otsuka employees receive full pay during maternity leave (before and after birth). As a rule, employees are allowed to take one year of maternity/child-care leave (1.5 years maximum).
working hours
Shortened working hours are available to employees with children who have not yet entered elementary school. Flextime work hours are available from confirmation of pregnancy until a child enters 8th grade.
Caregiver leave Employees may take caregiver leave for up to one year (Japanese law mandates up to 93 days of leave for each eligible family member).
Company day care centers The first Otsuka company day care center was opened in Tokushima City in April 2011. Expanded from its initial capacity of 100 children, the center now accommodates 150 and further expansion is planned. The second company day care center was opened in Osaka in April 2014.
Telecommuting (I-Work) This program was initiated as a career advancement initiative based on the concept of “Change perceptions rather than actions; changed perceptions will boost productivity and enable us to live more rewarding days.”
Health seminars for working women Workshops are organized to encourage working women to discuss health and hormone balance-related issues, focusing on creating an environment conducive to rewarding and productive long-term employment.
Others Additional initiatives include paid vacation leave accrual systems, “re-challenge” system, married couple housing ]allowances and other programs.
“Kurumin” certification In 2008, Otsuka Pharmaceutical received the “Kurumin” (Next Generation) certification from the Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in recognition of efforts to create an employment environment that promotes a balance of work and childrearing in accordance with the “Law Promoting the Raising of the Next Generation.”
“Diversity Management Selection 100” Award In 2014, Otsuka Pharmaceutical was recognized with a “Diversity Management Selection 100” award from the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for successfully creating a more female-friendly workplace.
Measures to improve employee motivation Diversity Forum In 1990, “Women’s Forum” was initiated for senior managers to promote understanding of factors that can hinder women in the workplace and resolve these issues to enable women to succeed at work. Since 2008, the forum has been expanded into “Diversity Forum.”
In 2007, there were only these working mothers MRs. The Otsuka Women’s Workshop provides a forum for sharing information about childcare between female MRs who are married, pregnant, or have given birth. As of 2015, the number of working mother MRs increased to 43.
Voluntary leadership
study group, WING
Launched in 2009, this study group addresses internal issues, breaking into teams to discuss and develop solutions, which are later proposed to the corporate management. Employees are welcome and encouraged to participate, regardless of gender or job title.
“Ikumen,” “Ikuboss,” child raising seminars “Ikumen” (involved dad) seminars are aimed primarily at male employees to promote a healthy work/life balance. From October 2015, Otsuka Pharmaceutical has also become a member of the “Ikuboss (involved boss) Company Alliance*” encouraging the creation of childcare-friendly working environments.
※ Corporate alliance fostered by NPO Fathering Japan
Other Foreign national employee network Cross-organizational networking opportunity was provided for foreign national employees.
Employment opportunities for persons with disabilities Aiming to foster a rewarding working environment for persons with physical or mental disabilities, Heartful Kawauchi Co., Ltd. was established as a special subsidiary of Otsuka Pharmaceutical in 2011. Employees are engaged in office support, agriculture, and other roles that enable them to interact with the community.