BCAA Helps Maintain Exercise Performance!

BCAA Helps Maintain Exercise Performance! What effect does BCAA have on exercise performance? Research has been done on the effects BCAA has on physical activity.

What Is BCAA?

BCAA is a general term for the essential amino acids valine, leucine, and isoleucine that are metabolized and used as sources of muscle enegy. They are referred to as Branched Chain Amino Acids because the molecular structure of these three amino acids includes branches.

They have recently been identified as being very important to muscles since they are found in large quantities in muscle protein.

The chart on the right shows the main effects BCAA may have during exercise.

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The effects of BCAA during exercise

Effect on the muscle,Promoting protein synthesis,Suppress muscle protein degradation,This reduces muscle damage.The effect of endurance exercise capacity is Conserve glycogen,Lactate production is suppressed.Effect on the central nervous system is the prevention of central fatigue.

BCAA helps maintain exercise performance!

Amino acids, including BCAA, are elements of body proteins futhermore; recent research has also confirmed that they each have their own unique physiological effects. For this reason, there is a greater demand for amino acids as supplements during exercise, but as of 2005 there were almost no studies demonstrating increased exercise performance due to amino acid intake. That's why Otsuka Pharmaceutical's Saga Nutraceuticals Research Institute conducted studies on the effect of BCAA on exercise performance and confirmed that it does indeed have an effect on long-distance and strenuous exercises.

This page describes the studies that have been done on BCAA.

Research results

How Much BCAA Should You Take? To get the greatest effect you shoud take 2,000mg of BCAA. Experiment details The effective amount of BCAA
Is BCAA effective against muscle pain and fatigue? Taking BCAA is effective against the muscle damage, muscle pain, and fatigue caused by strenuous exercise. Experiment details Reduction of muscle damage, muscle fatigue, and muscle pain by taking BCA
What is the relationship between BCAA supplements and exercise performance? Taking BCAA regularly will help maintain endurance. Experiment details Maintenance of exercise performance by taking BCAA