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Calorie Mate Full Dietary Support with Five Important Nutrients Calorie Mate contains a good balance of five major nutrients (protein, fat, sugars, vitamins, and minerals). When there is not enough time for a regular meal, Calorie Mate lets you easily replenish your nutrients at any time. It comes in a variety of formats—block, can, and jelly types—to suit your needs.

Product Features

Calorie Mate is a nutritionally balanced food designed to provide dietary support for the busy lives of people today. It can be taken anywhere and provides nutrients the body needs.

  • Contains a good balance of protein, fat, sugars, 11 vitamins and 6 minerals that the body needs. (Jelly type has 10 vitamins, and 4 minerals.)
  • Provides about half of the amount vitamins required for one day
  • Jelly and liquid types provide 200 calories, while the block type contains 100 calories per block, making it easy to count caloric intake.

Product Information

Easily replenish nutrients anywhere, anytime you’re too busy for a regular meal.

Balanced nutrition from a refreshing, easy-to-drink jelly.

Delicious “liquid meal” for effortless consumption, anytime.

All products mentioned are sold in Japan.