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FIBE-MINI Dietary Fiber and Vitamin C FIBE-MINI makes it easy to supplement dietary fiber and vitamin C, often lacking in modern diets. It provides a convenient, delicious source of fiber for those concerned about gastrointestinal condition, those who may not consume enough vegetables, and those interested in maintaining good health and a  healthy apperance.

Product Features

Most people today don't get enough fiber

Dietary fiber is an essential and valuable nutrient for being healthy and looking great. According to the 2015 edition of the Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese, the daily target amount of dietary fiber for those 18 - 69 years of age is 20 grams or more for men, and 18 grams or more for women. In contrast, the actual fiber intake by the average of women in their 20s is just 12.5 grams per day (Summary Results of National Health and Nutrition Survey, 2015). Due to the westernization of the Japanese diet and a decrease in the intake of whole grains, most people in Japan today are not getting enough fiber.

Convenient source of fiber

FIBE-MINI provides a handy source of dietary fiber to support the busy modern lifestyle, while also helping you maintain a healthy body and appearance.

Product Information

Dietary fiber equivalent to 1.8 heads of lettuce in each bottle

Green and yellow vegetable drink containing beta-carotene

Fresh flavored jelly beverage is a convenient source of dietary fiber

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