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InnerSignal Unique Skin Care System Based on Otsuka's Concern for Skin Health The key to the InnerSignal skin care system is Energy Signal AMP*, a medicated active ingredient that promotes cellular turnover. It works by boosting the energy metabolism of skin cells that have been negatively impacted by factors such as lifestyle habits and aging, and by encouraging skin rejuvenation. * Adenosine monophosphate OT (AMP): This ingredient is found in InnerSignal Rejuvenate Extract, Lotion, Milk, Cream, Mask, Extract Dual, and Clear Up Eyes.

Product Features

  • InnerSignal is based on the concept of making 40-year-old skin look half its age. Rather than offering cosmetics to beautify by covering, it offers “Cosmedics” to promote healthy skin.
  • We began with the idea that the key to youthful skin is to activate the energy metabolism of skin cells. After a decade of development, Otsuka Pharmaceutical created Energy Signal AMP (adenosine monophosphate OT), the medicated active ingredient found in InnerSignal products.
  • This proprietary medicated active ingredient increases the energy metabolism of the mother cells deep within the skin, which speeds up cell turnover, and promotes clearer skin.
  • The increased turnover of skin cells leaves the outer epidermis full of clear cells that are fresh and new. This in turn creates firmer and healthier looking skin with no dark spots or dullness.

Product Information

Basic skin care products containing Energy Signal AMP

Resetting the skin by properly removing makeup and dirt

Protecting the skin from daily ultraviolet damage

All products mentioned are sold in Japan.

Product Site (in Japanese)
Product Site of Inner Signal Information on InnerSignal's unique AMP Skin Care System

Product Site of InnerSignal
Information on InnerSignal's unique AMP Skin Care System