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Kenja-no-kaimin* Support for healthy sleep rhythms Food with function claims Quality sleep for productive days A Food with Function Claims to enhance quality of sleep and support refreshed, revitalized awakening. *The Wise Man’s Sleep Solution

Product Features

  • Kenja-no-kaimin contains a natural ingredient derived from asparagus by a proprietary method
  • Consumption of Kenja-no-kaimin helps regulate the following sleep-related rhythms
    - Enhances quality of sleep
    - Supports refreshed, revitalized awakening
    - Regulates sleep-wake rhythms
    - Helps you get back to work feeling refreshed after a holiday
    - Alleviates awakening during the night
  • Refreshing grapefruit flavor
  • Granule type

Product Information

Sleep Rhythm Support
7 packets

Sleep Rhythm Support
30 packets

Granted label This product contains asparagus-derived proline-containing 3-alkyl diketopiperazines (as cyclo (L-leucyl-L-prolyl), cylco (L-phenylalanyl-L-prolyl), cyclo (L-tyrosyl-L-prolyl) to enhance the quality of sleep (refreshed awakening) and support post-holiday (Monday) spiritual wellbeing (energetic, calm feeling) by regulating sleep-wake rhythms. Also reported to help maintain healthy sleep patterns (alleviate overly early awakening)

Ingredients associated with function

Asparagus-derived proline-containing 3-alkyl diketopiperazines (as cyclo (L-leucyl-L-prolyl), cylco (L-phenylalanyl-L-prolyl), cyclo (L-tyrosyl-L-prolyl)

Notification number


Recommended daily dose

1 packet (3g)

How to consume

Consume as is or with liquid before going to bed.

The Secretary General of the Consumer Affairs Agency, Government of Japan, has designated these products above as Foods with Function Claims, in which Otsuka, the manufacturer, takes responsibility for indicating specific health benefits that can be expected. However, unlike Food for Specified Health Use, these products have not been subjected to case-by-case review by the Consumer Affairs Agency.

Nutrition Component

Nutrition components per packet (3g)
Sleep Rhythm Support
Energy: 10 kcal Protein: 0 - 0.2g Lipids: 0 - 0.03g Carbohydrates: 2.8g Sodium chloride equivalent: 0 - 0.003g
Functional ingredient:
Asparagus-derived proline-containing 3-alkyl diketopiperazines (as cyclo (L-leucyl-L-prolyl), cylco (L-phenylalanyl-L-prolyl), cyclo (L-tyrosyl-L-prolyl)
Functional ingredient content: 55 μg


Sleep Rhythm Support
Cornstarch (not genetically modified), asparagus extract, dextrin/sweetener (xylitol, stevia), acidulant, fragrance, silicon oxide

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