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UL•OS Total Body Skin Care Based on the Cosmedics Concept Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Otsuka Pharmaceutical has always focused on skin health,and UL•OS was born out of this unique perspective and approach. Note: Cosmedics (cosmetics + medicine) is Otsuka Pharmaceutical's unique concept for skin health products.

Product Information

UL•OS is a total body skin care brand aiming to protect, moisturize, and cleanse men’s skin from the top of the head to the tips of the toes. UL•OS focuses on UV exposure, dryness and impurities, the primary causes of skin damage.
New Medicated Skin Whitening, developed to prevent dark spots and freckles, is the most recent addition to the UL•OS product lineup.

Formulated with tranexamic acid and AMP* to inhibit melanin formation, prevent dark spots and freckles, and promote healthy skin.

This skin conditioner comes in an air pump container that even skin care novices will find easy to use. The gel gives a fresh feel to your skin when applied.

This handy lotion is easy to apply to the face and the entire body.

This milky lotion is quickly absorbed by skin that is somewhat rough.

This sunscreen offers UV protection while moisturizing your skin.

This skin wash lathers up quickly and maintains a thick cushion of foam. It also rinses off easily and speeds up bath or shower time for busy men.

This shampoo removes dirt and sebum from the scalp and hair, while preventing dandruff, itching, and sweat odor. It keeps your hair and scalp healthy.

Available in face and body sheets. They work by masking unwanted body odor with scent and by neutralizing body scent for a pleasing effect.

* AMP: Adenosine monophosphate (moisturizing ingredient)

All products mentioned are sold in Japan.