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Amino-Value Before Your Run Amino-Value products are an easy and effective way to get endurance-boosting BCAA amino acids. Drink Amino-Value before running to prep your body to go further.

Product Features

BCAA: Important amino acids to support active bodies

BCAA stands for “branched-chain amino acids” (valine, leucine, and isoleucine), which are essential amino acids the body cannot make. Endurance-boosting BCAAs offer runners great benefits. Once exercise passes a certain level of intensity, most energy for the body is supplied by sugars. This produces lactic acid. An increase in the concentration of lactic acid in the blood lowers the body's capacity for endurance exercise, reducing a runner's performance. Reports suggest that taking BCAA before exercise helps an athlete maintain the capacity for endurance exercise, because amino acids supply the energy for the athlete and the production of lactic acid is delayed. Taking BCAAs before exercise keeps performance up and helps the body go further.

Important point for taking BCAA

The concentration of BCAA in the blood will peak 30 minutes after consuming 2,000 mg or more.
In other words, it is best to take this amount before running, and then keep replenishing the amino acid level during running.

A lineup of BCAA products for easy and reliable daily intake

Amino-Value comes in full line of products enabling you to consume 2,000 mg or more of BCAA before and during all kinds of physical activities. The product types include powdered mixes, as well as high concentrations and small drink, and pet bottled drink sizes.

Product information

Food with function claims

Pet bottled type ・Contains 5,000 mg of amino acid
(including 4,000 mg BCAA)
・2,250 mg of citric acid

Food with function claims

Powder that dissolves in water ・Contains 10,000 mg of amino acid
(including 8,000 mg BCAA)
・5,000 mg citric acid

Concentrated and small type ・Contains 2,500 mg of amino acid
(including 2,000 mg BCAA)
・700 mg of citric acid

Powder type that can be taken without water. ・Contains 2,500 mg of amino acid
(including 2,000 mg BCAA)

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