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About OtsukaAffiliated Companies in Japan


Earth Environmental Service Co., Ltd.

General environmental health management

Earth Chemical Co., Ltd.

Manufacture and sales, import/export of insecticide and toiletry products

Otsuka Wellness Vending Co., Ltd.

Sales of nutritional products and beverages through vending machine

Otsuka Digital Health Co., Ltd.

Providing IT Solution Services

Otsuka Electronics Co., Ltd.

Manufacture and sales of analysis and measurement equipment

Kitasato-Otsuka Biomedical Assay Laboratories Co., Ltd.

Provision of clinical testing services, as well as sales of pharmaceutical and medical instruments and equipment


Development of molecularly targeted drugs using RNA aptamer

Otsuka Mechatronics Co., Ltd.

Manufacture and sales of various types of testing equipment such as vehicle headlight testers

Tokushima Vortis Co., Ltd.

Provision of soccer entertainment, soccer school programs, and sales of related products

Nippon Pharmaceutical Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Research and development and manufacture of pharmaceutical intermediates

NEOS Corporation

Sales of beverages through vending machines

Heartful Kawauchi Co., Ltd.

Office support, design and printing, delivery, and agricultural businesses

Bean Stalk Snow Co., Ltd.

Manufacture and sales of products for infants