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Otsuka Pharmaceutical takes every precaution when including information in this website. However, the company assumes no responsibility concerning the accuracy, reliability, usability, timeliness or completeness of the information in this website.

This website provides information about pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, and consumer products that the company sells, as well as general information concerning health and illnesses. This website does not provide medical advice from medical practitioners who are licensed as physicians or pharmacists, nor does this website provide information in place of such advice.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical provides no warranties concerning interruption of the features of this website, errors, computer viruses from this website or servers, or other harm that occurs. Furthermore, the company provides no warranties regarding damages of any kind that arise from your use of this website.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical assumes no responsibility for the contents of other websites that are linked from this website. When using websites that are linked from this website, you must consent to the terms of use of the linked website.

Online Sales

Linked websites may include merchants other than Otsuka Pharmaceutical. Furthermore, the method of ordering may vary depending on the goods. Please read the ordering information provided by the linked site.

Linking to this Website

When linking to this website, you must comply with the company's linking requirements. If any websites are to be found not in compliance with our requirements, the company will request the users to take it down.

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Purpose of Linking

The purpose of linking is to facilitate the public availability of information. The company reserves the right to request the users to take it down if there is a possibility that it could erode public trust in Otsuka Pharmaceutical, or could result in economic losses to Otsuka Pharmaceutical.

Social Media Policy

Otsuka Pharmaceutical believes that active communication between customers and the company and its employees enhances its corporate value. The company has established the following policy on the use of social media, and will use social media to effectively encourage communication.


"Social media" as used in the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Social Media Policy ("this policy") refers to services and media that can be used for mutual communication by many and unspecified users, through the use of information delivery technology on the Internet that anyone can use, such as electronic bulletin boards, blogs, social networks, and virtual worlds.

Handling of Information Delivered through Social Media

Otsuka Pharmaceutical releases official announcements and statements through this website and in press releases. On the other hand, information released by Otsuka Pharmaceutical and its employees through social media should not be considered official announcements and statements of Otsuka Pharmaceutical, including information in the official Otsuka Pharmaceutical accounts described below.

Personal Participation of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Employees

Employees of Otsuka Pharmaceutical may choose to personally participate in social media at their own discretion. However, in the event that an employee disseminates information about business, products or issues that concern Otsuka Pharmaceutical or the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Group, the company has instructed its employees to clearly indicate that they are employees of Otsuka Pharmaceutical.

Revisions to the Policy

Otsuka Pharmaceutical will continue to revise this policy with the advent of new social networks, and as relevant legislation is revised and social circumstances change.

Changes to Content

The company reserves the right to change the contents of this website and URL addresses at any time without any notification.

Suspension or Termination of Services

The company reserves the right to temporarily suspend or terminate some or all services provided through this website, at any time without any notification. The company assumes no responsibility for damages incurred by you or other third parties who viewed this website, as a result of the suspension or termination of services.

Handling of Personal Information

Otsuka Pharmaceutical collects personal information from you when you purchase items via this website, create an account or use website services. When the company collects personal information including your name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number, it will indicate that it is collecting this information and state the purpose of use. The company will only collect personal information if you consent to it, and will not use the information other than for the stated purpose of use, except under special circumstances.

The company will manage personal information that it collects from you in order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, falsification, theft or breach of your personal information. You have the right to request that the company to erase or amend your personal information, or to withdraw your consent for its use of your personal information.

The company assumes no responsibility regarding the abuse of IDs or passwords that you registered. Please take precautions for managing IDs and passwords.

If you disclose your own personal information such as your e-mail address on an electronic bulletin board or other site, you may receive unwanted messages. It is your personal responsibility if you share this information.


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