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Otsuka product development stories

Some things only Otsuka can make.

Pharmaceutical business

Providing breakthrough treatments for patients around the world

Leveraging our research culture of curiosity, determination and unconventional thinking, and embracing close collaboration between our R&D institutes in Asia, the U.S. and Europe, we strive for solutions that only Otsuka can deliver. Our R&D philosophy encourages individual researchers to take untraveled paths, pursuing fresh ideas within a collaborative, accommodating environment, and ultimately creating novel solutions for patients worldwide.

Central Nervous System
Product story
As long as there are unmet patient needs, our work continues
Product story
Developing the world's first therapeutic drug to tackle intractable ADPKD
Product story
Targeting TB elimination: supplying MDR-TB medication to patients worldwide

Nutraceutical business

Supporting the day-to-day health of people around the world

As a big venture company, we need to ask ourselves, is the product innovative? Can it be useful worldwide? Does it have the potential to create a new market? We believe that we can make our greatest contribution by discovering the needs that consumers are yet to become aware of, and by creating entirely new product categories.

Product story
Inspired by the idea of "drinkable IV", a drink supplying electrolytes and water carved out a new market.
Product story
The beverage loved for more than half a century
Calorie Mate
Product story
Creating a new genre of nutritionally balanced food
Product story
Empowering women to shine all the time