Nutraceutical Business

Creating brand new markets

Utilizing a solid scientific basis including the expertise accumulated in our pharmaceutical business, we have developed a range of unique consumer products for the maintenance and improvement of health, and in doing so, have created entirely new markets.

The origins of “Nutraceuticals”

The term "Nutraceuticals" was created by combining the words "nutrition" and "pharmaceuticals." It was coined in 1989 by Dr. Stephen L. De Felice in the U.S. and refers to foods and drinks that have a scientific base, and contribute to the maintenance of everyday health. Our range of nutrition products such as POCARI SWEAT, Calorie Mate and FIBE-MINI, which went on the market in 1988, fit this definition well and led to us adopt the term to describe our consumer products.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s Nutraceutical Business
Helping healthy people maintain and improve their health

Focus Areas

Otsuka’s Pharmaceutical Business

Helping sick people return to health

Our goal is to create breakthrough treatments for disease, delivering wholly original new medicines to patients around the world.
This is why Otsuka is committed to tackling unaddressed medical needs,
putting ourselves on the path to creating new therapeutic approaches and unprecedented drugs.