Nutrition: an essential component of good health

At Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, our approach to contributing to human health not only encompasses restoring the health of sick people, which is the goal of our pharmaceutical products, but also helping healthy people stay healthy. We believe that we can make our highest contribution by combining pharmaceutical products with nutrition to maintain daily wellness. As the current generation faces the positive prospect of an extended healthy life expectancy, combined with the challenge of the decrease in the birth rate and the aging of the population (trends seen in Japan), and the associated increasing medical burden that these bring, we have selected exercise and nutrition, and women's health as our areas of focus.

Nutrition for all situations

The nutrition your body needs varies depending on what you're doing and your stage in life. Here, we provide advice on the essential nutrients for various situations, such as those to support the safe and enjoyable continuation of sports and exercise, and those for maintaining and improving women's health.

Useful health information related to nutrition

Activities to convey the importance of nutrition

For many years, Otsuka has run educational campaigns and events to promote awareness of the importance of nutrition, focusing on functional foods and drinks that have been developed based on scientific evidence, to maintain and improve health.

Other Focus Areas