The surprising facts about dietary fiber

Kiyoshi Ebihara, Professor Emeritus, Ehime University

Are you getting enough dietary fiber?

Dietary fiber is known to be good for preventing constipation. But that is not all it is good for. How much do you know about dietary fiber? Are you getting enough of it?
It is surprisingly difficult to get the necessary amount of dietary fiber from an ordinary diet, but by learning a little more about it and choosing to eat foods that are high in fiber, you can live a healthier life with minimal effort.

What foods contain a lot of dietary fiber?

Foods of plant origin such as vegetables, fruits, grains, seaweeds, mushrooms and legumes contain a lot of dietary fiber.

What is soluble dietary fiber?

Food containing soluble fiber travels through the digestive system slowly because of its viscosity, reducing hunger and helping prevent overeating. It suppresses spikes in blood sugar after eating by slowing the absorption of sugar.

Supplements and dietary fiber

Besides supplements, many nutritionally fortified processed foods and some with added dietary fiber are now widely available.

Learn more about dietary fiber

What is dietary fiber?

Dietary fiber actually used to be regarded as food waste, but is now known to play a vital role in maintaining a healthy digestive system.
Learn more about the history, definition, classifications and features of dietary fiber.

Recommended amount of daily dietary fiber Intake

It is surprisingly difficult to get enough dietary fiber from everyday meals. Learn how much dietary fiber is contained in various foods.

The body and dietary fiber

Typical intestinal bacteria are classified as beneficial, harmful, or opportunistic microorganisms. Learn more about the effects that representative bacteria in each category have on the body and the relationship with the dietary fiber.

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