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About OtsukaProduction Activities

Groundbreaking products come from a creative spirit of constant innovation

As a company that contributes to the health of people worldwide, Otsuka Pharmaceutical is dedicated to increasing quality, ensuring production site safety, keeping manufacturing costs reasonable, and addressing environmental issues. All these are vital for providing a stable supply of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. The production division's creativity comes into play in establishing manufacturing technology that can satisfy all of these requirements at once.

The company also gives top priority to building harmonious relationships with the natural environment and local communities, and fulfilling its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. All of its factories in Japan have acquired ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management. Additionally, the Company has acquired ISO 22301 certification for business continuity management systems with its program entitled, “The Manufacture and Stable Supply of Products for Medical Related Business.” Otsuka is the first pharmaceutical company in Japan to have achieved the ISO 22301 certification.

Here, we present an overview of the operations and characteristics of our factories, each of which works day in and day out to ensure the safe and efficient production of world-class products of the highest quality.

Location of major affiliates which own production sites

Production sites of Otsuka Pharmaceutical's affiliates

Factories 116
Countries and regions 14
Companies 39

As of December, 2017

Production sites in Japan


  • Tokushima Factory
  • Second Tokushima Factory
  • Tokushima Wajiki Factory
  • Tokushima Itano Factory


  • Takasaki Factory


  • Fukuroi Factory


  • Saga Factory