Our Two Core Businesses and Products

Pharmaceutical Business
Pharmaceutical products for
the diagnosis and treatment
of diseases
Nutraceutical Business
Nutritional products and Cosmedics*
that support day-to-day health
maintenance and improvement
Helping to cure disease and protect everyday health
- a holistic healthcare company
*Cosmedics: cosmetics + medicine
Helping to cure disease and protect everyday health.
Otsuka Pharmaceutical is a holistic healthcare company dedicated to the entire body.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical contributes to people's health worldwide through our two core businesses: our pharmaceutical business, focused on creating breakthrough treatments for disease, and our nutraceutical business, providing innovative products to help everyone maintain or improve their health. We recognize that good health is a universal wish, and will continue to create innovative products to help people realize that.

Pharmaceutical business
Providing breakthrough treatments for patients around the world

Otsuka Pharmaceutical's first drug discovery research institute opened in 1971. By choosing to tackle unaddressed medical needs, we put ourselves on the path to creating new therapeutic approaches and unprecedented drugs.

Nutraceutical business
Helping healthy people become even healthier

Starting from a solid scientific basis incorporating the expertise accumulated in our pharmaceutical business, we have developed a range of unique consumer products for the maintenance and improvement of health, and in doing so, have created entirely new markets.

We will continue to create innovative products
supporting better health for people around the world