Otsuka Stories

Otsuka Pharmaceutical has expanded worldwide by developing businesses driven by highly original products. But what does it take to develop a unique product without imitating others? And what difficulties and challenges must be overcome to develop and deliver that kind of special product to the market? Watch these hand-drawn animated videos to get a sense of the passion of Otsuka people and to hear the stories of their innovative activities.

Chapter 1

The Big Venture Company

Otsuka Pharmaceutical is a big venture company full of energy, passion, and belief, embracing creativity and diversity. Through this animation, you can learn about Otsuka's history and our business outline.

Chapter 2


Otsuka's products now reach patients and consumers in more than 80 countries and regions. Learn how we naturally expanded to become a global company, maintaining respect for local markets and reaching more people whose health we could support and improve.

The word "creating" in the Otsuka Group's corporate philosophy of "Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide" is the foundation of everything we do.

As a total healthcare company, we at Otsuka Pharmaceutical are committed to continuing with the research, development, manufacture, and delivery of products that satisfy customer needs, based on our strengths of "jissho" - actualization - and "sozosei" - creativity.