Three Monuments

Otsuka's Human Resource Development Institute is an employee training center located in Tokushima, Japan,
the birthplace of the Otsuka group of companies.
Within the grounds are three monuments that represent Otsuka's commitment to "jissho" (actualization)
and "sozosei" (creativity), two guiding principles embedded in our DNA.
These monuments serve to remind us to set aside preconceived notions,
keep a flexible mindset as we approach new challenges, and be creative in all that we do.

employee training center located in Tokushima, Japanemployee training center located in Tokushima, Japan
Giant Tomato TreeGiant Tomato Tree
Giant Tomato Tree

This tree reminds us that if we free ourselves from norms, we can unlock our unlimited potential.

In order to challenge preconceptions, we planted this Giant Tomato Tree. Normally, a tomato plant produces only 50 to 60 tomatoes, but if you alter the way you cultivate it, it has the potential to produce 10,000. Likewise, if people think a little differently, they can unlock their full potential.

Hydroponic cultivation
With this technique, the roots of the plant are freed from the constraints of soil, and allowed to grow freely in water, feeding on this with a combination of oxygen, fertilizer and natural sunlight.
These tomatoes are not a special variety; they are a common type. They are not genetically modified or given any special fertilizers, and if they were to be planted in the ground, their size would be no different to that of regular tomato plants.
Bent Giant CedarBent Giant Cedar
Bent Giant Cedar

This piece serves to break down existing concepts and remind us of the importance of thinking differently.

Located inside the entrance to the auditorium Vega Hall is a curiously bent giant cedar tree trunk, with another trunk lying across it, resting on a single point. Despite appearing precariously unsteady, this pair maintain a perfect balance. This serves to break down stereotypes and is a constant reminder of the importance of thinking differently.

Floating StonesFloating Stones
Floating Stones

This garden provides a relaxing space that stimulates creativity and helps foster the generation of new idea

In this aquatic garden large polished stones appear to defy the laws of physics by floating on water. These gently curved granite stones represent Otsuka Pharmaceutical's spirit and compassion in improving the lives of everyone through better health.

The word "creating" in the Otsuka Group's corporate philosophy of "Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide" is the foundation of everything we do.

These three monuments continue to convey our commitment to creativity - to employees and visitors alike.