Pharmaceutical Business

Providing breakthrough treatments
for patients around the world

Otsuka Pharmaceutical is dedicated to the research & development of highly-innovative drugs and diagnostics. Leveraging our research culture of curiosity, determination and unconventional thinking, we strive for solutions that only Otsuka can deliver, to improve the health of people across the world.
Our R&D philosophy places emphasis on encouraging individual researchers to take the untraveled path, pursuing fresh ideas within a collaborative, accommodating environment. Supported by the global integration of our research and development institutes in Asia, the U.S. and Europe, the result has been epoch-making drugs.

Creating world-class products by taking the road less travelled

Otsuka Pharmaceutical's first drug discovery research institute opened in 1971. By choosing to tackle unaddressed medical needs, we put ourselves on the path to creating new therapeutic approaches and unprecedented drugs. We prioritize our efforts on psychiatric diseases, neurologic diseases and oncology. Other research and development is in cardio-renal and nephrology, gastrointestinal, infectious diseases, ophthalmology and dermatology.

Therapeutic areas

Otsuka's other business

Creating an entirely new market

We have developed a wide range of original products with a scientific base designed to contribute to the maintenance of the everyday health of people worldwide