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Helping people who suffer from eye diseases

Otsuka Pharmaceutical established its Division of Ophthalmology & Dermatology in 1992 in order to discover, develop, produce and sell products that treat eye and skin diseases. In these and other therapeutic areas, Otsuka’s researchers have persistently taken the untraveled path, resulting in highly innovative new products.

Glaucoma is a major cause of blindness worldwide . In Japan too it has become a major problem due to the aging population, with an estimated 22 million patients*. It is also increasing due to changes in living environments.

Otsuka has developed a new dry eye treatment that takes advantage of the mucin-promoting properties found in the company's oral anti-gastritis and anti-gastric ulcer agent, and this is now widely used by patients in Japan.

The eyes and skin comprise much of the surface of the body, meaning that innovative drugs for ophthalmological and dermatological conditions can result in the return to good health of the entire portion of the body that is visible. This way of thinking typifies Otsuka’s holistic approach to health.

Eye Diseases

The eye serves the critical functions of sensing light and converting it to impulses that can be understood by the brain, giving us sight. Among the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste, 80% of all human sensory input consists of information obtained through the eyes. Eye strain is characterized by symptoms such as tired eyes and headaches, while dry eye is characterized by eyes that are dry, gritty and painful.

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