Otsuka-people creating new products
for better health worldwide

These words embody our dedication to:
Creating unique and innovative products
Improving health and well-being
Contributing to the lives of people worldwide



As a total healthcare company,

we at Otsuka Pharmaceutical are committed to continuing with the research, development, manufacture, and delivery of products that satisfy customer needs, based on our strengths of "jissho" - actualization - and "sozosei" - creativity.

Pursuing the goal of contributing to better health

Today, Otsuka Pharmaceutical's innovative and creative pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products are supporting the lives of people around the globe.
The company upholds an ethical and youthful vitality appropriate to an enterprise involved with human life based on our values; "Jissho" (Actualization) and "Sozosei" (Creativity). Adopting a global perspective, Otsuka people strive to build harmonious relationships with local communities and the natural environment while pursuing the goal of contributing to better health and more prosperous lives for people everywhere.

Otsuka's DNA


By sweat we recognize the way
The process of discovering the core substance of something through hard work and practice


Self-actualization through achievement, completion and the discovery of truth


Resisting the urge to copy and pursuing that which only Otsuka is capable of delivering