About Otsuka

Message from Top Management

We are experiencing significant changes in many areas of our lives, including healthcare, with advances in medical care, including digital technologies, that are contributing in part to extended healthy-life expectancies.

Healthcare that has historically emphasized diagnosis and treatment at medical institutions is slowly shifting focus toward prevention and post-treatment care. And as health issues become more central to our daily lives, we can expect a sharp increase in both interest and need in these areas. This movement has progressed gradually, but the coronavirus pandemic has sparked more rapid progress.

Since our establishment, Otsuka Pharmaceutical has had a holistic view of healthcare. We have been committed to the health of people worldwide through a multifaceted approach; our pharmaceutical business has focused on diagnosing and treating diseases, and our nutraceutical business has supported the maintenance and promotion of day-to-day health. Medical care will become more diversified, and people across the globe will expect seamless support for their health ranging from daily-life issues to diagnosis and treatment. To adapt to the changing times, we will leverage the experience we have accumulated in our two businesses and develop collaborations in relevant fields to provide unique healthcare services.

Good health remains a universal wish that spans generations. In September 2021, the Otsuka group celebrated its 100th anniversary. We have now begun our journey toward the next 100 years, guided by our corporate philosophy, Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide. We will continue to evolve as a total healthcare company, working through our colleagues worldwide to address the health challenges people face and help them improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

Makoto Inoue
President and Representative Director

Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide

In order to realize Otsuka's corporate philosophy, we must recognize the importance of each employees' mental and physical health. As the President of Otsuka I declare to provide and maintain a workplace environment where the employees and their families can thrive and improve their health.

In January 2017 Otsuka issued the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Declaration on Health