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About OtsukaMessage from Top Management

Otsuka Pharmaceutical is inspired by our corporate philosophy, "Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide." We work to achieve it through the complementary nature of our two core businesses – our pharmaceutical business, which extends from the diagnosis of disease through to treatment, and our nutraceutical business, which supports the daily maintenance and improvement of health. Both businesses have at their core our strengths of "Jissho" — actualization — and "Sozosei" — creativity, and we utilize these as we work to produce innovative solutions to tough health challenges.

For example, the antipsychotic drugs ABILIFY and REXULTI, with their unique mechanisms, have provided new treatment options to patients across the globe. Otsuka also obtained regulatory approval in the U.S. for the first-in-the-world digital medicine, Abilify MyCite, and is pursuing treatments for intractable diseases. POCARI SWEAT and Calorie Mate have carved out new markets, supported by public awareness-building programs on daily health. Our new endeavors encompass themes such as the extension of healthy life expectancy and women’s health.

Even as society undergoes big changes, the universal wish for good health remains constant. We are committed to leveraging our unique values to achieve what only we can achieve, and, with the spirit of a big venture company, continuing our mission to be a total healthcare company contributing to better health worldwide.

Tatsuo HiguchiChairman and Representative Director

Makoto InouePresident and Representative Director

Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide

In order to realize Otsuka's corporate philosophy, we must recognize the importance of each employees' mental and physical health. As the President of Otsuka I declare to provide and maintain a workplace environment where the employees and their families can thrive and improve their health.

In January 2017 Otsuka issued the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Declaration on Health