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PhilosophyBig Venture Company

Ideas take no space, and you cannot touch a dream.
But ideas can spread around the world
and a dream can touch you.

In 1921,
Busaburo Otsuka, the son of a Tokushima farmer,
broke with family tradition
and launched his own company.

He became a supplier of
chemicals from the sea,
to various industries.

By 1946,
his son Masahito had turned
the business into an IV solution company;
distributing products
to hospitals nationwide.

In 1970, a bowling craze swept Japan;

Otsuka's board members led by Masahito decided
to build their own bowling alley,
when a solitary voice opposed them.

It was the voice of the third generation,
that of his son, Akihiko.

"Father, would a bowling
alley really sustain
the future of our company?"

"What about building
a pharmaceutical research lab instead?"

Akihiko's team of young researchers dared
to cross into the unknown.

What was needed
was not supercomputers,
but super people.

Psychiatric disorders are the result of
irregular brain activity
and exchanges between neurotransmitters.
Conventional treatments
block these exchanges entirely.

25 years of research led
to the development of
a groundbreaking drug, ABILIFY.
Now in use worldwide,
ABILIFY regulates dopamine transmission,
helping patients to
go back to their daily lives.

Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis
is a global public health threat.
30 years ago a small group of
Otsuka researchers took on the challenge of developing
a drug that would defeat and eliminate TB.
Since then, Otsuka scientists from
around the world have joined forces to take on this fight
and achieve Otsuka's ultimate dream.

On the road to better health,
Otsuka's business is driving on two wheels:
Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals.

These represent Otsuka's holistic
approach to health:
Get Better and Be Better.

In 1980, Otsuka's know how,
gained through years of producing IV solutions,
led to the creation of a unique drink, POCARI SWEAT.

Replacing the sweat lost through daily activities,
it became the flagship product of its
Nutraceuticals business worldwide.

The fusing of sophisticated production
and marketing techniques with traditional
soy is Otsuka's Soylution to health,
food and environmental issues.

The ordinary tomato plant
grows less than 60 tomatoes a year.

But if we free its roots in water,
the same plant grows into
a tree giving thousands of fruits.

Freeing ourselves from norms,
we unlock our full potential.
This freedom allows scientists to
successfully tackle unsolved health problems.

Otsuka is now a global company,
innovative and diverse,
full of energy, enthusiasm and belief.

A Big Venture Company.

Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwideOtsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

(Created in 2012)